Francine Headband now available!

The first Knit Motion pattern is now available for sale! Francine Headband is a turban-inspired accessory that features a unique construction and uses only one skein of bulky yarn. See the details here.

The pattern is available at the special lauching price of $3.00 until September 30th!


9 thoughts on “Francine Headband now available!

  1. Is there a video demonstrating how to do the joining row? You repeat the rib pattern for 5 rows, yet the pattern states that you repeat the rib pattern for 6 rows which means that you end on the WS. The joining row is the RS for one end, but when you pick up the stitches from the holder, you are working on the WS, but knitting in rib pattern as if you are on the RS. Is that typical?

    • Hi Leonette, for each half you are working 6 complete rows. You end with a WS row so next row to knit is on the RS. For the joining row, both halves are knit on the RS row. Your work, which have a rectangular shape, will form a loop but will not be twisted. Hope this helps! If you need more info you can contact me at

      • Thank you for your comment. I finished the first half this evening and started the second half. I hope to finish the headband tomorrow.
        The provisional cast in us new to me, and I have never worked in the loop of adding two pieces together, as if workgroup in a key hole.
        I love the challenge!

      • Thank you! I finished it and it looks great! I used a variegated blue yarn so it is unusual definitely different at the closing seam and the loop joining section. I will make a red one now in variegated color yarn. Happy knitting!

  2. This is one of the best headband patterns I have downloaded, it turns out beautifully and the fit is absolutely amazing! Actually your comments above to Leonette helped me a lot too. I have already made 4 in various colors! Thank you so much!

  3. Hi I started this pattern and have found I lost a stitch when I go to pick up my provisional cast on stitches. I only have 11 stitches instead of 12. Did I do something wrong?

    • Hi there! Which method are you using for the provisional cast-on? Maybe you could try to cast on one more stitch and k2tog once on the first row of knitting. This way you would have the right number of stitches to pick up!

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